Monday, 11 July 2016


These last couple of months have been difficult for ? He had a couple of  X-Ray's done which showed he has a lump on his lung and then he had an Ultra sound done then a CT scan. He then had a follow up CT scan done which showed the lump had got bigger. 
?  had to go to see a consult at Queens Hospital. ? told the consultant he was told he has a lump and the consultant told him it is ASBESTOS.
A week ago ? had to go along to see an E.N.T consult who done a test on his throat and told him there is no cancer in his throat which is a relief because ?/we, everyone thought the worst, as ya do! The consultant told him all the fluid that is being pumped up choking him and making him cough all the time is being caused by his Heart. ? has got an appointment to see the Heart specialist at the end of this month, July...All these appointments have been Emergency appointments.
Quite a while ago now ? had an X-Ray and CT scan on his head which showed he has a mass on his brain which is getting bigger. ? has a lot of severe headaches. Whether this is connected to the Asbestos or not we don't know. ? has not been told what it is. ?/we can only think the worst. Its the not knowing that makes us or anyone come to that think the worst anyway and its so frustrating not knowing.

Years ago ? worked on building sites demolishing buildings (under age) He done that for a couple of years and when we got together ? was 20 years old, he worked on cars. He done everything, striped cars and rebuilt them, worked on other peoples cars changing brake pads ect...all this to earn a bit of extra money. I used to wash ? clothes by hand (didn't have a washing machine then) after he had finished work. Plus ? and myself smoked then. I gave up smoking but ? had been smoking since childhood and stopped smoking when he had his second Heart Attack.

I too have been exposed to ASBESTOS I helped my mum with her home work making gas mantles when I was a little. We also lived in a prefab and, in later years early 1960's we lived in a prefab again.
Of course in those days no-one knew about the affect ASBESTOS had on peoples lives.
Asbestos takes 20 - 30 years to show up and it can cause many health conditions like Asthma, C.O.P.D. and Cancer 

Oh well, as bad as it is and it will be worse, all we can do is take it as it comes day by day and deal with the situation best we can....that's all we can do!
Words are easy to say but the reality is devastating when it hits home.

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