Wednesday, 20 July 2016


There's been a lot going on over the last few months concerning ? His health had got worse. 
He had a X-Rays and a CT scan that showed he has a lump in his lung. He has cancelled many hospital appointments over about what!? 2 years I would say.
Recently he  has had emergency appointment's at the hospital. CT scans, ENT and has seen consultants. ? mentioned to the consultant he was told he has a lump on his left lung and the consultant told him it is Asbestos which threw him for a while as he didn't expect to be told that. ? thought it was Emphysema or C.O.P.D. that was causing him to choke and cough continuous  day and night and he has got a lot of pain in his body. Plus, he has also got a mass on the brain. Whether they are connected to the Asbestos or not we don't know, but it don't look good.
? has got many symptoms, but he isn't losing weight, in fact he gaining weight mainly because he is drinking wine again to help him with his nerves.

? worked with Asbestos late 1960's (under age) demolishing buildings to get some money for his mum, dad and family. He also smoked heavily from an early age and worked repairing cars. Brake pads ect...also decorating the ceiling and walls with Artex over the years and taking walls down in the home ect...
In those early days no-one knew about Asbestos, I think it was just coming to light how dangerous Asbestos is. I/we are wondering what type of Cancer ? has got either Asbestosis or Mesothelioma. It don't matter which because they are both really bad to have. 
A person can live for about 5 years with these conditions. We/I am are wondering how long ? has because of the appointment cancellations roughly over, 2 years, maybe longer.

Even I have had contact with Asbestos living in prefabs and helping my mum making gas mantles. And, I've washed ? clothes when he had finished working on the cars. I've not been checked for Asbestos myself.  But saying all this, I am more concerned about ?
We actually make light of his and my illnesses and  and take the mick out of each other or make jokes, some jokes are dark, some are light but we laugh about our illnesses which I think is good so we don't have time to think about ourselves, especially ? health right now.


Saturday, 19 March 2016

Kitchen Re-furbishment...

Yesterday was a better day than the day before. I had gotten over the outburst from Thursday. phew! that was a bad day for me. 
I shopped early this morning. Shopping is far too much for me lately, even though grandson helps with most of it, the fetching and carrying.  
A couple of the staff at Morrisons asked how Sheila was. I didn't say too much, only she's got to go to the hospital next week, other than that, I don't know any more. which is true anyway! Her GP referred her to the hospital.
I bought a new DVD 'The Martian' staring Mat Damon. Looking forward to seeing this film. I have been meaning to buy this DVD for sometime.
I paid my rent today, 3 days too late...tut! and put some electric on my electric key at the same time. 
Not sure what I'm doing today. I don't feel like cooking much. 
Oh yeah! I'm loving my new cooker. I'm cleaning the oven out every time it is used
I had to wait until after the council/contractors had finished re-furbishing my kitchen. The kitchen looks good for the size of it, and so does my cooker, it looks really posh.  I'm still trying to get used to where everything is now as how everything has been designed, I haven't got half as much room to work plus, I haven't got any room for my Microwave. This will have to be sussed out as to where it can go.

Friday, 18 March 2016


I'm not feeling good about myself this morning because, I over ate, sort of comfort eating yesterday, I suppose! Due to someone upsetting me at the start of my day and a bit later in the morning with a lot of unwanted verbal, although I gave as good as I got and more! I can be very wicked with my wording at times when anyone upsets me, especially the person in question and everything else goes out the window too and I end up comfort eating. I just could not shift the awful angry thoughts and feelings within me. After dinner, around 1.30pm I went to rest in my room as I was tired/fatigued<<that is the norm for me everyday> and still shaking with anger. I tried to drown out the terrible thoughts and feelings I had and put my head-phones on really LOUD so I couldn't hear anyone and watched a DVD 'Angels and Demons' It worked for a while, while I was watching the film, but I still felt this anger lingering inside me for the rest of the day and evening. And, I had a bad nights sleep too, my mind was working over time all night. So, this morning I'm feeling really tired, but saying that my anger has subsided and I'm just feeling bewildered as to why and how I let myself get in such a state. I normally let things flow through me but yesterday I didn't see the argument coming. I hate the mood swings this person has, I wasn't prepared for the outburst, I usually can see it coming and felt like I was pushed in a corner and couldn't breath so, I had to lash out myself. I hate doing that, I would rather walk away from an argument.
..Today, I will try again with my diet.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Gas Leak! And Contractors To Re-furbish Kitchen...

Its been a while since I last posted here. A lot has been going on. 
My diet is on hold right now and my weight is steady. Well, at least it hasn't gone up aye!??

These past two weeks contractors from the council have been in my house re-furbishing my kitchen so, I haven't been able to use my cooker and had to have take-away's for a few days here and there. 
There has been lots of moaning and groaning going on about the work that's been done (not from me, I might add) I just take things in my stride. A family member is up in arms about the units and how they have been put in
The man has just arrived to paint the ceiling and walls for me. I told him the kitchen cupboard's haven't been finished yet, he said, a handy man will come and fix everything once the painting and flooring tiles has been laid. The men have also just brought the equipment so the man can do the paint work, ceiling and walls. I didn't have much of a choice of color's to chose from that I liked. Blue, green, dark red-ish beige color or white. I chose white because I can have it done the color I really wanted at a later date. I chose yellow tiles to go above the units mainly because I want a peach color paint on my walls when it is done later. The floor tiles are dark grey, I think!? the units are oak. It should look really nice once it is all done.

Last night, I had to call out the emergency gas board to check a leak in the kitchen where the carpenter had put a cupboard around the meter. Apparently, when the council man came to do a gas check about 4 weeks back had left a screw or something undone. I hadn't noticed the smell before because the meter wasn't covered up and I always had my back door open when cooking. Anyway, that is all sorted now. Today however, I will phone the council and let them know what had happened.
Oh yeah! another thing, when the man did come to re-fit my cooker yesterday before I phoned the gas people, I told him there was gas leak since the cupboard had been fitted and he phoned his boss and told him, but nothing was done and when he fitted my cooker up he had made shoddy work of it so, I wasn't able to use it as it looked dangerous. When I phone the council today, I will be telling them what the contractors had done. Plus, I can't understand a word of what they are saying because they are Polish.

Next Tuesday,  I've got someone coming around to access me for a wet-room in my bathroom. Not sure if I want that done or not now (it would be done by the council if I have it done, not contractors) I can't remember what color I picked!? I think it was white tiles for the walls with dark grey flooring that they do. Oh well, we will see aye!


Saturday, 23 January 2016

Good Week!

Well I never, I got into my blog without any hassle would you believe! 
This week has been ok, in fact its been a good week altogether.
My weight has stayed the same as last week, mainly because I had stew and 2 dumplings for dinner yesterday. I haven't lost or gained any weight when I weighed myself this morning but, my blood sugar had risen from 5.1 to 6.1 which isn't too bad really. I did expect my blood sugar to rise more than that after eating the stew...cut down again today.

My daughter SH and granddaughter Z will be round later today. I am looking forward to seeing them both. It will be my daughter's 43rd birthday on Tuesday.
My granddaughter came round Thursday just gone for a couple of hours, we chatted for a bit then ? came in, then ? and Z chatted for quite some time while I got on with a couple of  things that I wanted to do.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Weight Loss!

This past week hasn't been too bad. Both ? and I have been closely watching our diets. I have lost I have lost 7.lbs since New Year. I found it hard to lose weight to start off with but now I've gotten used to it and everything seems to be much easier and hopefully I will be able to lose more weight. I think I might have to change more in my diet and do more of my light exercises though. I bought a new coat just to go shopping in. It fits but I think I need to lose about another 7.lbs before I can go out in it for the coat to look right on me. 7.lbs isn't much so it won't take long to lose that.
? however, looks like hes lost some weight and he can now fasten his jacket up now where it wasn't even touching to fasten. He said hes lost 2 stone since he was weighed at the Hospital a couple of weeks back!? not sure of that myself. Then again, he has stopped drinking and it is noticeable on his stomach and in his face so, he could have.

If we keep an eye on each others progress we should be ok. We've got to lose weight for our own health reasons. Personally, I am feeling good about myself for losing the 7.lbs so far and, I can feel the difference. 
? was told by his GP that if he didn't change his life style he would be dead within 3 months. That was a kick up the back-side for him to get motivated to stop the drinking and lose weight and, hopefully his breathing will become easier for him. ? has got Heart Disease, Emphysema, C.O.P.D. and more...  

Friday, 8 January 2016

Test Results!

Yesterday ? went to the Drs to get his blood test and ultra scan results which was NOT good news. His liver is part fat and he has got patches all over the liver and he has to have another scan to investigate further because of the pains he is experiencing. The GP is looking for cancer. Plus his blood test came back with too many white blood cells. His blood test has gotten worse since the last time he had it done which wasn't all that long ago, December 2015 I think it was!? The GP has given him some different medications, not sure what they are as yet.

The GP told ? he has got to lose weight and change his life-style or he could be dead within 3 months. No, things are not looking good for ? at all right now.
When I saw ? this morning, he said, he didn't drink any alcohol at all last night, just water. I really don't know how ? is going to turn all this around to save himself,  It will be hard for him that's for sure!


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