Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Baseball Bats Ready To Maim

Yesterday morning my next door neighbor knocked at my front door and asked me what was all the commotion about the previous night. I said, what commotion!!?? I hadn't heard a thing, then again I am a bit deaf. Anyway, my neighbor said there were men thumping and banging on my front door with baseball bats. This was Sunday night/early hours of Monday morning around 12:30am.
How I didn't hear that I don't know. G/son said he heard something but thought it was somewhere in the road behind our house. Clearly, we were in danger of being hurt. ? and G/son went round to see "A" but there was no answer from his house.
I was in a right state all day yesterday and last night I couldn't sleep because I kept hearing noises and cars. It was around 3:45am before I settled down to sleep and then I got up again begot 5:am.
? said he had got a phone call from "A" last night as he was told ? had been round his house and wanted to know what was wrong. ? told "A" about what had happened and "A" said, it wasn't anything to do with him as he isn't that sort of person any more.
We are thinking, maybe, the people had gotten the wrong address because the men had been called back to the two cars and they sped off fast...Too late if the men had broken through my door and had maimed either myself or G/son on the night or, worse come to that.
My stomach keeps churning over and I feel sick and, I'm feeling very worried, scared and uneasy now in-case they come back and try again. We haven't got a clue as to what all this is about. We felt sure that it was something to do with "A" but, apparently not. So he says!

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