Thursday, 19 May 2016

OPT Visit


Yesterday I had my hair cut and blow dried, now I feel human again. 
While I was out, a man left a message for me on my answering machine. He is from the council Occupational Therapy (OPT) to let me know he could come round today Thursday and I was to ring him to make an appointment. As I went to ring him the phone rang and it was the same man so we made the appointment there and then for him to come here today.
So today I've got the man coming round from the council Occupational Therapy (OPT) to assess me for a wet-room shower in the bathroom. Not sure how that will go or what paper work he will need to see. I got all the usual papers ready for him to see, if needed that is!
I'm feeling a bit nervous as to what he will ask me or what I am going to say. I shouldn't be nervous really as it should be straight forward. I just don't like talking to any type of legal people in-case I can't follow through with my words as I forget, get confused or I can't get my words out (Arnold Chiari Malformation symptom)
I have made a list of all illnesses that I suffer from, even the less important ones and what medications I take for them.
It's a good job I had made a list of all my illnesses and medications a while ago because last night I couldn't remember any of them so I had to look them up on my computer where I keep the lists...phew!! Oh well, just another obstacle to overcome.

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  1. All went well and yes, I'm having a wet-room


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